Helix Editor


:tutor Chapter 3 Recap

  • Type w to select forward until the next word.

    • Type e to select to the end of the current word.
    • Type b to select backward to the start of the current word.
    • Use uppercase counterparts, W,E,B, to traverse WORDS.
  • Type d to delete the entire selection.

    • Type c to delete the selection and enter Insert mode.
  • Type a number before a motion to repeat it that many times.

  • Type v to enter Select mode, where all motions extend the selection.

  • Type x to select the entire current line. Type x again to select the next line.

  • Type semicolon ( ; ) to collapse selection.

:tutor Chapter 4 Recap

  • Type u to undo. Type U to redo.

  • Type y to yank (copy) text and p to paste.

    • Use Space + y and Space + p to yank / paste on the system clipboard.
  • Type / to search forward in file, and ? to search backwards.

    • Use n and N to cycle through search matches.

Multi Cursor

:tutor Chapter 5 Recap

  • Type C to duplicate the cursor to the next suitable line and Alt-C for previous suitable line.

  • Type s to select all instances of a regex pattern inside the current selection.

  • Type & to align selections.

  • Type Alt-s to split the selection into lines.

Selection with Search / Replace

:tutor Chapter 6 Recap

  • Type f / F to extend selection up to & including a character.

    • Type t / T to extend selection until a character.
  • Type r to replace selected characters.

  • Type . to repeat the last insertion.

    • Type Alt-. to repeat the last f / t selection.

Advanced Manipulation

:tutor Chapter 7 Recap

  • Type R to replace the selection with yanked text.

  • Type J to join lines in selection.

  • Type < and > to indent / outdent lines.

  • Type Ctrl-a to increment the selected number.

    • Type Ctrl-x to decrement the selected number.

:tutor Chapter 9 Recap

  • Type * to set the search register to the primary selection.

  • Type n / N in Visual mode to add selections on each search match.

  • Type Ctrl-s to save position to the jumplist.

    • Type Ctrl-i and Ctrl-o to go forward and backward in the jumplist.

Manipulating Selections

:tutor Chapter 10 Recap

  • Use ) and ( to cycle the primary selection back and forward through selections respectively.

    • Type Alt-, to remove the primary selection.
  • Type ~ to alternate case of selected letters.

    • Use and Alt- to set the case of selected letters to upper and lower respectively.
  • Type S to split selections on regex.

Troubleshooting Gnome Alt+` backtick

You can set only Super+` for App switch.

 gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings switch-group "['<Super>Above_Tab']"